A primer to tasting the best food on Silk Road

Embarking on a culinary adventure along the historic Silk Road offers a tantalizing opportunity to explore the diverse flavors and traditional dishes of the countries it traverses. From Azerbaijan to China’s Xinjiang region, here’s a primer on the must-try foods along the Silk Road.

In Azerbaijan, indulge in Plov, a fragrant rice dish cooked with saffron, tender lamb, and an array of spices. Don’t miss out on Dushbara, a savory soup filled with tiny dumplings and served with a tangy yogurt sauce.

In Georgia, savor Khachapuri, a delectable cheese-filled bread that comes in various regional styles. Adjarian Khachapuri, topped with a rich egg yolk, is a particular delight. Also, try Khinkali, large and juicy dumplings filled with spiced meat or vegetables.

In China’s Xinjiang , relish Laghman, hand-pulled noodles stir-fried with a medley of vegetables and meat in a flavorful sauce. Savor the aromatic and tender Uyghur-style Kebabs, which are typically made with lamb or chicken and seasoned with traditional spices.

Kazakhstan offers Beshbarmak, a traditional dish featuring boiled meat (usually lamb or beef) served on a bed of wide noodles and accompanied by onions and flavorful broth. Additionally, try Baursaki, deep-fried dough balls served as a sweet or savory snack.

In Kyrgyzstan, taste Beshbarmak’s cousin, Boso Lagman, which combines hand-pulled noodles, tender meat, and a savory vegetable sauce. Manti, steamed dumplings filled with spiced meat or pumpkin, are another local specialty not to be missed.

In Mongolia, try Buuz, succulent steamed dumplings filled with a mixture of minced meat, onions, and seasonings. Khorkhog, a traditional Mongolian barbecue, features tender meat (often mutton) cooked with hot stones and accompanied by vegetables.

In Pakistan, indulge in Seekh Kebabs, skewers of flavorful minced meat cooked to perfection over open flames. Biryani, a fragrant rice dish cooked with aromatic spices and meat or vegetables, is another culinary gem to taste.

In Tajikistan, don’t miss out on Plov, a beloved dish made with rice, tender meat, and carrots cooked to perfection. Also, try Shurbo, a hearty and comforting meat soup packed with vegetables and fragrant spices.

In Turkmenistan, enjoy Manti, steamed dumplings filled with spiced meat, onions, and herbs. Shashlyk, succulent skewered and grilled meat, is another staple in Turkmen cuisine.

In Uzbekistan, indulge in Palov (also known as Plov), a fragrant rice dish cooked with tender meat, carrots, and spices. Samsa, flaky pastries filled with meat or pumpkin, are another popular treat. Lastly, try Shashlik, marinated and grilled meat skewers bursting with flavor.