About Silk Road Tourism

Tourism Development under the CAREC Program

Tourism Strategy 2030

The purpose of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is to support socioeconomic growth in its member countries through cooperation and integration in development sectors.

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Working Group

Tourism focals from CAREC countries, private sector representatives, and development partners joined the regional inception workshop and first expert group meeting to identify challenges and regional initiatives and collaborative actions to foster partnerships and strengthen the competitiveness of the region in the tourism sector, and to develop a sustainable and more inclusive tourism.

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Development Partners

CAREC partners with multilateral institutions to assist and further the economic potential of the CAREC region, and help mainstream regional cooperation in the areas of transport, trade, and energy. 

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Data and Statistics

Better Data, Better Decisions

Find the latest statistics, market analysis and trends of the tourism activity. 

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Tourism Publications

A key source of tourism knowledge

The CAREC eLibrary offers many tourism-related electronic publications for the CAREC region which are regularly updated. 

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Facilitating action and transformation

Key information from upcoming and previous meetings, conferences and workgroups. 

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