Visit Guide to Bahrain Village

Bahrain is a riverside small hill station located at an elevation of 4700 feet above sea level.It is the most visited place of Swat due to its natural landscape and beauty, a vibrant market with shops, cafes and resorts, architectural buildings, and lush green jungles with hiking spots.One of the trails in Bahrain leads to Daral and Saidgai lakes.

Main image: Muhammad Ashar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

By Air: BY Air: The nearest airport to Bahrain Valley is the Saidu Sharif Airport

By Road: Bahrain is located at 58 km north of Mingora, 66 km from Saidu Sharif and 10 km from Madyan. Through a car, you can reach to Bahrain from Islamabad in 6 hours. The distance of Bahrain from Islamabad is307 km.

By Car: The Swat Expressway was built by the provincial government for the convenience of tourists and the public. You can easily travel on the Swat Expressway by motorway from Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, and Islamabad and if you want to go from Malakand Road to Swat, then you can take the route of Mardan Interchange from Islamabad. After traveling for about one and a half hours, you can take the route of Malakand Pass then Batkhela and Chakdara that would finally lead you to Mingora in Swat Valley. In total, you need to travel a distance of around 247 km from Islamabad to Mingora and it will take you around 5 hours to get to your destination by car.

What to Expect

Bahrain is a beautiful town and a famous tourist attraction located on the bank of the swat river. The charming town of Bahrain which is also called Bahrain Valley is 59 km (36 miles) away towards north on N95 from the main city center Mingora.

Bahrain itself is a great destination to visit yet, many of the tourists tend to stop for short and long stays in this town when they are traveling towards upper swat i.e. Kalam, Gabral, and beyond. The town has sufficient amenities including shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Tourists usually find it a comfortable place to take a break or stay in Bahrain for a few days to enjoy its pleasing landscape and lovely weather.

Bahrain town is the exact confluence of the Daral and Swat rivers that makes it an attractive place to enjoy your meal, cup of coffee, or tea. The surrounding villages in Bahrain provide a perfect opportunity for tourists to see and experience human life in an ideal natural world. Bahrain is on commutable distance from other tourist destinations in Swat such as Madyan, Daral & Saidgai lakes, therefore, it also serves as a base camp for the trail that leads to these locations.


Bahrain is a town located in Swat District of Khyber PakhtunkhwaPakistan, 60 km North of Mingora at an elevation of 4700 ft on the right bank of the Swat river. It is named Bahrain (lit. “two rivers”) due to its location at the confluence of the Daral and Swat rivers. It is known for its riverside tourist resorts, local handicrafts, and its view of the merging of the Daral and Swat Rivers. It also serves as a base camp for the trail that leads to the Daral & Saidgai lakes.

Facilities Available

  • Local guides are available
  • People of Bahrain are very hospitable
  • PTDC, Serena,
  • Bahrain can be accessible thought local transport and can book a car on rent.
  • Wi-Fi service is available in Bahrain
  • Tourism Department helps the Tourist/ Visitors through providing broachers in both Urdu and English languages. The local Police and the local Guides can speak multi languages (i.e local languages, Urdu, English and some of them can speak Chinese also).
  • There is a bus stand in Bahrain for public transportation.
  • Filling stations are available in Bahrain which includes Petrol and Diesel.
  • Taxis are available in Bahrain on daily rent basis.
  • Shops are available in Bahrain