Batumi Botanical Garden


Visit Guide to Batumi Botanical Garden

Discover the world’s subtropical flora. Nestled a mere 9km north of the city, Batumi Botanical Garden is a botanist’s dream, featuring floristic sectors sub-categorised by continent. The garden is considered to be one of the biggest in the former Soviet Union, and boasts incredible views of Batumi Bay.

Getting There

Batumi Botanical Garden can be reached by local bus directly from the city centre, or alternatively by taxi.

What to Expect

High up on a hillside overlooking Batumi is its Botanical Garden. Boasting nine floristic sectors, expect gardens devoted to East Asia, South America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, the Himalayas, the Mediterranean and of course, the Caucasian humid subtropics.

Batumi Botanical garden covers an area of 108.7 hectares of land, and takes up one kilometre of the Adjara coastline. From the viewpoint on the west side of the Botanical Garden there are stunning views of Batumi over the Chakvistskali estuary.


Whilst you peruse the many different floras that Batumi Botanical Garden has, keep in mind that not so long ago, the area was entirely covered with a thick forest of beech, chestnut and linden trees.

Facilities Available

  • Guided tours available, both by foot and by electric bus/tram
  • Picnic facilities
  • Option of camping overnight
  • Wedding services
  • Public toilets
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