Visit Guide to Ganish Khun Historical Village

The oldest and first settlement on ancient Silk rout in Hunza. Ganish village is located on flat land near the Hunza River and the Hunza hill at an altitude of 7,500 ft and about 98 km from Gilgit city the capital of Gilgit Baltistan.

Getting There

This site can be reached by means of local transport or one should hire a car on rent on daily basis.

What to Expect

A complete experience in Ganish valley would have to include scenery, culture, some history, and of course, a lot of authentic and local Hunza food (traditionally known for its long life properties).

You may see different old watch towers, old traditional mosques, religious centers and a reservoir. Some people call this village the land of warriors and king makers because people of this village had been involved in battles with Nagar and in decision making during the royal era of Hunza.

Though it has several new Khuns (clusters), Bitan Khun, Suni Khun, Buldus, Ganish Shukonoshal, Chaboikushal and Tsill Ganish, Ganish Khun is the oldest. The original layout of Ganish Khun is mostly intact, even after damage caused by a flood in 1960 and the construction of the KKH through it in the 1970’s. Garnish’s existing historic fabric is a typical central Hunza Khun layout, which comprises of 39 houses dating back to the 15th entury.


The living historic village, popularly known as Ganish Khun, is about one thousand years old, with a small community working towards improving its quality of life. With the spread of Islam, the Yarikutz, the Rupikutz, the Kuyokutz and the Mamorokutz – the then leading families of the area – constructed four mosques and watch towers dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. These unique structures, which were decaying owing to the ravages of time and lack of financial and technical resources, have been restored to some of their old glory with the assistance from Norway and Spain, through the Aga Khan Cultural Services Programme (AKCSP).

Facilities Available

  • Local guides are available for the guidance of Tourist/ Visitors.
  • People of Ganish peaceful and hospitable.
  • Hotels and Restaurants are available .
  • Closest accommodation for tourist are Serena hotel, PTDC hotel etc.
  • One can access this attraction by means of local transportation (i.e. car, jeep ect ).
  • Wi-Fi service is available.
  • Tourism Department helps the Tourist/ Visitors through providing broachers in both Urdu and English languages. The local Police and the local Guides can speak multi languages (i.e. local languages, Urdu, English and some of them can speak Chinese also).
  • There is a bus stand in Ali abad for public transportation.
  • Filling stations are available in Ali Abad, Ganish which includes Petrol and Diesel.
  • Taxis are available on daily rent basis.
  • Shops are available