Visit Guide to Gozli Ata Mausoleum

The Gozli Ata Mausoleum is a revered Muslim pilgrimage site in the Karakum desert, dedicated to the famous Sufi saint, Gozli Ata. Its isolation enhances the spiritual atmosphere brought by the pilgrims.

Getting There

Gozli Ata is 135km north of Balkanabat, in the Karakum desert between the Chilmammedkum and Akgyr Dag mountain systems, and can only be reached by car. A four-wheel drive is recommended to navigate the poor roads.

What to Expect

Gozli Ata Mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage part of the tourist system of Turkmenistan. One of the two adjacent tombs is the burial place of Gozli Ata, the other is the burial place of his wife Aksuluv Ene.

Located against the backdrop of breathtaking pink and red limestone rock formations, the mausoleum of Gozli Ata holds immense religious significance as one of Turkmenistan’s holiest pilgrimage sites.

As you explore the mausoleum grounds, you’ll encounter ancient tombstones and witness the customs of pilgrims. Women aspiring to conceive tie pieces of cloth to trees, or place small dolls in makeshift cradles.

Immerse yourself in the captivating panorama of the uniquely coloured mountains that stretch before you, their vibrant hues and shadows accentuating the remarkable contours of the rock walls. Take a leisurely walk among the towering formations, savouring their beauty and grandeur.


Surrounded by a vast graveyard, this sacred place honours the renowned 12th century Sufi teacher, Gozli Ata, whose name translates to “All-seeing Father.” Having studied in Turkestan, Gozli Ata was believed to possess the extraordinary ability to peer into the depths of one’s soul.

The name Hasan Ata in manuscripts and other historical sources is found in various versions: Hasan, Uzyn Hasan, Gul Geday, Gozli Ata. His name is often mentioned in the works of the classics of Turkmen poetry – Makhtumkuli, Durdy Shahir, Miskinklych, Nedir Shahir (Kuraish) and others. For example, in Makhtumkuli’s poem “Ol Nedir” there are the following lines: “Gozli Ata, Baba Selman, heal us.” Gozli Ata had three sons – Nur Ata, Omar Ata, Ibyk (Ibraim) Ata, as well as two daughters – Aisulu and Akbibi. Today, the descendants of Gozli Ata from three sons live in various velayats of Turkmenistan, Iran and Karakalpakstan.

One of the daughters was given in marriage to Gerkez, the other was married to a representative of the Ersars tribe, where they created a new family tree of the descendants of Gozli Ata. Being a representative of the 25th tribe of the genealogy of the Atins, Gozli Ata, at the same time, is considered their last head of the clan.

There are also legends that tell about the telepathic gift of Hassan Ata, his possession of the ability to be invisible to the human eye, and his other unusual and amazing talents.

Facilities Available

To receive pilgrims arriving in Gozli Ata from all over Turkmenistan and a number of neighboring states, a whole complex was erected, consisting of special rooms for ritual events.

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