Nurata Fishing and Swimming in the Lake


Visit Guide to Nurata Fishing and Swimming in the Lake

Fresh air, the relentless chirping of birds, the beauty of sunsets, the rustle of mountain waters, the scent of flowers, friendly residents, a sky full of stars at night, the calm melody of the lake are just some of the attractions of the village in the Nurata mountains.

Getting There

You should definitely visit this place. Lake Aydarkul is located in the southeast of Kyzyl Kum. The flora and fauna of the lake and the area around it will not leave anyone indifferent. You can travel around Uzbekistan on your own by car or by hitchhiking.

First you need to get to the city of Nurata. In the city of Nurata, you can also get acquainted with local attractions. Then go to the side of Aydarkul lake, which is about 50 km. You can get to the lake by car (2 hours from Navoi, a little more from Samarkand or Bukhara). You will have to go through the desert. However, the long road and the heat are more than justified by the enchanting views outside the car window.

Despite the fact that it is a desert, the Kyzyl Kum sands look very picturesque. The distance from it to Tashkent is 330 km, and to the famous center of ecotourism – the mountain village of Sentob – only 30 km. Travel companies from Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara carry organized excursions to the lake. In addition, you can get to the lake by rented car.

What to Expect

The village of Sentob is located 30 km from Aydarkul and can become a lifeline for everyone who is tired of the bustle of the city. It is located 120 kilometers from the regional center of the Nurata district of the Navoi region, is one of the attractions of the region. This village, which is home to about 3 thousand people, has always been the focus of attention of local and foreign tourists, as its beautiful nature and enchanting lake are one of the places of ancient civilization. The village of Sentob is an ethnic village with its ancient history, cultural heritage, past, national values ​​and traditions that have survived to this day.

These places are rich in various animals, birds and insects, some of which are also listed in the Red Book. There are also unique species in flora and fauna. As you walk through the countryside, you will feel like you are in the ruins of a unique and thoughtful ancient city.

Here you can walk in the mountains, swim and swim in the lake, fish and eat. Rock petroglyphs of the 5th – 6th centuries, the remains of an ancient fortress on the top of the mountain, stone inscriptions of the 11th – 18th centuries, as well as views of Lake Fozilmon at the highest point of the village have always fascinated visitors.

In particular, on the rocks of the Black Mountain, 12 km from the village of Sentob, you can find many ancient inscriptions in the Arabic style, fragments of verses from the Koran and ancient castles, they say, were delighted. You can also visit and be convinced of the beauty of Nurata nature.


The city of Navoi was built relatively recently, in 1960, which gives it the status of the youngest city in the country.

It is located about 360 kilometers from Tashkent, on the banks of the Zaravshan River. It was created as a center for the mining industry, as precious metals and uranium were found in its vicinity. The city was named after the world famous scientist, poet and statesman – Alisher Navoi. Despite the fact that the city is new, the history of the area that surrounds it has a long and rich history.

Archaeologists have found on this territory many items related to the culture of the ancient Bactrians, Khorezmians and Sakas. Not far from the city, only 45 km away, there is the Sarmysh gorge. This is truly a legendary place! In Nurata, there are the remains of the Hipp fortress, built in antiquity (it was also called Alexandria, the Fortress of Alexander), the remains of the defensive wall Piroste and the KAD settlement. a system of cornices (takhm. mil. AV. 4-3-A. Lar), the Jome “Chilustun” mosque (from 9 to 20. 1582 – 90 BC), a large dome mosque (1582-90). BC). mosques), “Sayidota”, “Okmas-Dzhid”, “Barguzin” (from 19. end – from 20. 1928), the bathhouse of Ded Sudur.) preserved architectural and historical monuments, such as …

The city contains the grave of Sang Andoz (Pakhlavan Ahmad Zamzhoy), Shahi-ris (Bibisitam Tagalbos), the grave of Bandikusho (Haji Burkhaniddin Jarrah), the grave of Chilla (Khoja Ubaydullo Jarrah), Kadi. There are shrines like rose hips

The territory is just 2 km. there are about 4000 petroglyphs, including images of ancient people and hunting scenes. Also in this gorge, various anomalous phenomena occur, which is why this area attracts ufologists and fans of the paranormal.

Today Navoi is one of the main industrial centers in Uzbekistan. Many large industrial enterprises are based here, producing everything from gold to a huge electrochemical plant.

Facilities Available

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