Samarkand Hovrenko Wine Factory


Visit Guide to Samarkand Hovrenko Wine Factory

Do you want to attend a unique wine-tasting experience? The Khovrenko Winery offers high-quality wine and cognac tastings. Here, you will find out about the secrets of the Uzbek wine production process. In a small museum within the plant you will find a few interesting photos of the wine production during the Soviets. And of course, you will have the opportunity to taste an exclusive selection of local wines in a special atmosphere.

Getting There

One can get to the Khovrenko Winery either by public transport or by taxi.

What to Expect

The tour where you will immerse yourself in everything the winery has to offer from vine to museum on this leisurely and engaging tour experience. The ultimate choice for wine-lovers during their visit to Samarkand. This tour gives guests the opportunity to go behind the scenes and take a look at the full scale operation of the working winery, giving them the opportunity to learn about how the award winning Uzbek wines are created. Enjoy a private wine tasting of a selection of Khovrenko Winery’s most highly awarded wines, not usually available for purchasing.


The winery in Samarkand was founded by Filatov (a Russian entrepreneur) in 1868. During the Soviet power formation, Filatov had to leave his brainchild, since there was no place for private entrepreneurs in the new state. But, leaving his factory, he hid and walled up his collection of his best wines to keep it from being plundered.

The place of the founder of the Samarkand winery was taken by the Russian scientist, winemaker and chemist Mikhail Aleksandrovich Khovrenko, the first professor of winemaking in Russia. During his work in Samarkand, he tested and introduced new technologies for wine production, developed technological schemes for such vintage wines as Gulyakandoz, Shirin, Cabernet Liqueur, Aleatico, Uzbekiston and Farhad, became the creator of new wine varieties.

Facilities Available

  • Museum of Filatov
  • Samarkand restaurant
  • Samarkand Memorial square