Visit Guide to Abanotubani Baths

The domed, red-brick roofs of Tbilisi’s subterranean bathhouses draw Georgians and international travellers alike. The highlights of a visit to the Abanotubani baths are a soak and scrub in its 40°-50°C sulphur-rich water, then a traditional Georgian massage. For centuries Georgians have found it the perfect way to rejuvenate and remove stress.

Getting There

The Abanotubani district is easily accessible from all parts of Tbilisi by taxi, bus, minibus, or on foot. Parking is limited.

What to Expect

Visitors can choose from private rooms with showers/baths, or communal shower rooms. Some Tbilisi bathhouses offer more upmarket spa services. The Orbeliani Bathhouse offers rooms for up to seven people.

After a bath at Abanotubani it is easy to explore the nearby narrow streets leading up to the Narikala Fortress, and walk to Tbilisi Botanical Gardens.


Abanotubani (meaning “district of hot springs”) is one of the oldest places in Tbilisi. It is said that King Vakhtang Gorgasali (439/443 – 502/522) discovered the hot springs when he shot a pheasant and found it half boiled in a pool of hot water. On this spot he then decided to found the city of Tbilisi (“tbili” means warm in Georgian).

Facilities Available

  • Staff speak English
  • Towels, slippers, soap, scrubbers (extra charge)
  • Massage / scrub service (extra charge)