Georgian Parliament Building in Tbilisi


Visit Guide to Georgian Parliament Building in Tbilisi

Located on Tbilisi’s Rustaveli Avenue, the Georgian Parliament Building is an impressive site that’s hard to miss. It is the headquarters of the Parliament of Georgia and consists of an upper and lower building, connected by a courtyard.

Getting There

Located in central Tbilisi, the Georgian Parliament Building is easy to reach, with both Liberty Square and Rustaveli metro stations located very closeby. Many buses also run along Rustaveli avenue past the Parliament Building.

What to Expect

The Georgian Parliament Building and the surrounding area are inextricably linked to Georgia having fought for its independence. As such, the graves of soldiers who lost their lives during Soviet rule were laid at the bottom of the building itself.

The building is noticeable due to its sheer scale and grandiose architecture.


Twenty-one people lost their lives outside of the Georgian Parliament Building when the Soviet Army violently crushed a peaceful protest for Georgian independence on April 9, 1989. A memorial to the victims of the April 9 tragedy is located in front of Parliament.

Facilities Available

  • In central Tbilisi, close to Rustaveli metro station
  • Street wi-fi available outside
  • Many hotels nearby