Visit Guide to Afrosiab Archaeological Site

At the entrance to Samarkand, it is impossible not to notice the ancient settlement of Afrosiab, located in the northern part of the city and is one of the most important archaeological monuments of Central Asia. Ancient Samarkand was originally called “Hisori kuhna “(Ancient Hisor),” Kalai Hisor “(Hisar fortress), then from the XVII century” Afrasiab Fortress or ”Afrasiab”.

Getting There

Looking for a stop or station near the Museum? Check the list of the nearest stops to your destination: Registon Ko’chasi; Chashma; Bustonaroy; Afrosiob.

You can get to the museum by bus. These lines and routes have stops nearby:

(Bus) 32, 35, 56, 6, 60, 97

Do you want to check if there is no other way that will help you get there faster? An electronic map of the city helps you find alternative routes and times. Get instructions on how to easily get to or from Amir Temur Statue using various programs.

What to Expect

Walking through these amazing places, you can feel the immersion in the ancient world, touch the objects of history.

The city ruins date back to the VIII century BC. Palaces decorated with ganch carvings, houses of noble dehkan landowners, mosques and madrasas, baths and water structures, paved streets of the Samanid era were found in Afrasiab.


The ancient city of Afrasiab (also-Afrosiab), like a crescent, borders Samarkand from the north side. The settlement was founded in the VII century BC and ended its existence as an active settlement in the XIII century. Unfortunately, today only a scattering of hills remains from the ancient settlement.

Archaeological research has shown that Afrasiab has been a significant commercial, cultural and educational center in Central Asia since ancient times, its borders were far beyond the area of 200 hectares.

During the excavations, archaeologists found household utensils, jewelry, fragments of tools and unique artifacts, including fragments of a wall painting, transferred to the Samarkand Museum of History — “Afrasiab”, located on the territory of the ancient city. All the finds found during the excavations are mute witnesses of the life of a highly cultured civilization that inhabited the territory of modern Samarkand many centuries ago.

Facilities Available

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