Visit Guide to Ajina-Teppa Buddhist Monastery

12km east of the town of Bokhtar, the Ajina-Teppa Buddhist Monastery rises from a series of shapeless mounds and pits, the excavations of which uncovered an ancient Buddhist monastic complex from the middle of the 7th to the middle of the 8th centuries.

Image by Danny Roper, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

The monastery can be reached from Dushanbe by car, taxi, minibus and bicycle.

What to Expect

The monastic complex is an opportunity to learn about construction technology of the early Middle Ages. It is also a lesson about the history of  Buddhism in Central Asia.


Ajina-Teppa is a complex of residential and religious premises from a Buddhist monastery. In 1966 archeologists found a 12m high Buddha statue at the complex. The statue was taken to the Tajik Academy of Sciences. In 2001 it was moved to the National Museum of Antiquities in Dushanbe.