Visit Guide to Khulbuk Archaeological Complex

The Khulbuk Archaeological Complex is located in the village of Mehrobod, outside of Dushanbe. It is a medieval fortress, a ruler’s palace and fragments of an ancient settlement.

Image by Ninara from Helsinki, Finland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

The Khulbuk Archaeological Complex is an approximately three-hour drive from Dushanbe by car or taxi.

What to Expect

The remains at Khulbuk tell the story of a very rich agricultural region, and a settlement full of magnificent religious and civil buildings.


The territory of the palace complex includes the Palace of the rulers and adjacent areas. It is a place where the remains of a caravanserai, a palace bath, water pipes and drainage systems were discovered. There is also an object directly related to the ancient city – the burial ground of the Beshkento-Vakhsh culture, dating back to the period of the developed Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC).


A small fee may be charged to enter the complex.