Visit Guide to Batabat Lake

One of the most iconic natural sights is hidden in the Shahbuz region at 2,113 above sea level where an enchanting floating island drifts mysteriously across picturesque Lake Batabat. The area’s raw beauty, especially when covered in blooming wildflowers, together with its accessibility from Nakhchivan City (located some 65 kilometres north) makes it a very popular weekend picnic spot among local Nakhchivanis.

Getting There

There is no public transport to reach Batabat Lake, located in 61.2 km from Nakhchivan city. You can get there by car. Driving time is 1 hour. 

What to Expect

Located in Shahbuz District, at an altitude of 2,113 metres above sea level, the surroundings of Lake Batabat are ideal to admire the beautiful nature and enjoy a picnic. Lake Batabat is also famous for its ‘floating island’ – the peat layer formed on the lake moves around from being blown by the wind, creating an unbelievable sight.

The lake, which has an amazing view in all seasons of the year, takes on a special beauty when the wildflowers bloom. Lake Batabat is surrounded by many cool springs, healing herbs and plants. Bichenak village, located near the lake, can be reached by bus from Nakhchivan Bus Station at various times of the day.

You can go from the village to the lake area by taxi or on foot. Even in winter months, it is possible to access the area with any type of vehicle.

Facilities Available

  • Picnic areas