Duzdagh Physiotherapy Centre


Visit Guide to Duzdagh Physiotherapy Centre

Salt therapies are offered in many health resorts in Azerbaijan but for the most authentic experience head to Duzdag, a former salt mine turned physiotherapy centre.

Getting There

Duzdag Physiotherapy centre is located 15 km from Nakhchivan city. There is no public transport operated there and you can reach there by taxi or private car. It will take 13 minutes to get there.

What to Expect

Located 12km from Nakhchivan city, Duzdag, which translates as ‘Salt Mountain’, is an old salt mine which since 1979 has functioned as a pioneering physiotherapy centre in the use of speleotherapy to alleviate respiratory diseases. Today the Duzdag Physiotherapy Centre treats diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pollinosis, allergic rhinitis in salt caves at a depth of 110 metres. Patients spend the night in comfy rooms located along the former mining tunnels and breathe in the healing salt to improve lung function. 

Tourists are welcome to come and explore the atmospheric tunnels and spend some time imbibing the salty air. Meanwhile, the Duzdag Hotel, located 2km from the physiotherapy centre, offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa and wellness centre, restaurant and bar, in addition to pleasant rooms. There’s also an on-site Salt Museum where you can browse some interesting salt-themed exhibits.


Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center first started to function as a department with capacity of 50 beds in the Babek Central Hospital in 1978. Taking into account the needs, the capacity of hospital reached to 100 beds in 1983.  Today, they have 474 beds and facility is up to the modern standards. Bronchial asthmas (inflectional-allergic and atopic forms), chronic bronchitis, asthmatic component, chronic bronchitis allergic, allergic rhino sinusoid pathologies, pre-asthma is treated in the center. The method of treatment is very simple. Patients find healing after sleeping a few nights in beds put in the old salt mines.

Facilities Available

In the physiotherapy center:

  • WC
  • Accommodation
  • Cafe

In Duzdagh Hotel located in 2 km from the center:

  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Fitness center
  • Waterpark
  • Tennis court
  • SPA and wellness center
  • Salt museum
  • Restaurant
  • Bar