Visit Guide to Beldersoy Ski Area

The ski resort Beldersay is located 5 km from Chimgan, on the slopes of the Kumbel Mountain (2200 m), on the height of 1600 m. Beldersay is famous for the longest alpine skiing track in Uzbekistan, also there is a cableway with more than 3 km of length. This place is a real godsend for tourists: a network of entertaining services, mountain woods, rocks, gorges, snowfields, various sanatoria and health resorts, excursion complexes.

Getting There

Beldersay is located at a distance of 5 km from the Chimgan tourist base. From Tashkent, you can get here by car in an hour or a little more if you drive the road along the mountains above the Charvak lake. You can flag a taxi from the Nikitin street, near the Buyuk Ipak Yuli subway station. You can also take an electric train or shuttle bus to the city of Gazalkent, and then a taxi – the trip would be much cheaper!

What to Expect

On the territory of the resort built a first-class hotel and ski slopes. There are 2 cable cars –5 km long, lifting time -24 min, height difference of 565 m. and ski trial – about 1 km long, lifting time – 5 min., height difference -200 m).

The snow condition at Beldersay ski resort differs from the European one. The continental climate, the Himalayas on the one hand and Siberia on the other, provide extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall. The snow here is just great, dry and cold, great for skiing and, according to experts, is considered one of the best in the world. The season runs from November to April. Thanks to a large number of light hours, you can constantly sunbathing.

Visiting Beldersay, you will appreciate the contrast of climate conditions and vegetation, wonderful landscapes of mountain valleys, slopes, snowy peaks, narrow mountain routes, loud waterfalls and mountain streams, blue lakes, beautiful mountain villages with its ancient distinctive national traditions. Here survived many interesting relics of ancient history as petroglyphs and barrows, fortresses, tracks of settlements of primitive people, remains of mines and melting furnaces, ancient period pieces, traces of dinosaurs and etc. Also tourists are keen on ethnographic specific of mountain people, peculiarity of some kishlaks and auls (local villages).

Facilities Available

  1. “Beldersay oromgokhi” Hotel
  2. “Picnic” Hotel