Visit Guide to Besh-Tash Lake

Lake Besh-Tash is one of the most beautiful lakes in northern Kyrgyzstan, in the Talas region. Besh-Tash is the largest lake of the Besh-Tash reserve of the same name. The lake is located in the beautiful Besh-Tash gorge, rich in alpine meadows and amazing views.

Getting There

Lake Besh-Tash is located in the gorge of the same name, 47 kilometres south of Talas. A good dirt road leads to the gorge, which is laid almost to the very lake. From the end of the road near the moraine to the lake itself is only 15 minutes walking.

What to Expect

The lake is located at 3000 meters and is 28 meters deep. The water has an amazing turquoise hue, which creates an excellent contrast with the surrounding snowy peaks and green grass. If you visit the lake in April or May, it is quite likely to catch the moment when the lake is freed from ice.

A little below Lake Besh-Tash is a small nameless lake.

Facilities Available

There is no mobile connection. It is not recommended to drink water from the lake and river without boiling. Camping sites are plentiful.