Visit Guide to Manas Ordo Memorial

Manas Ordo is a cultural and historical complex, housing the story of the famous epic hero of Kyrgyzstan, Manas. According to the legend, his grave is located in this place. Manas Ordo is located 15 kilometers east of the city of Talas. According to legend, the head-quarter of Manas was located in the Talas Valley. Complex Manas Ordo was created to preserve the memory of such a significant phenomenon in the Kyrgyz culture. The most important attraction of the complex is the Manas Gumbez, i.e. its grave.

Getting There

Manas Ordo is located 15 kilometers east of the city of Talas, near the Tash-Aryk village. A good asphalt road is leading to the complex. Taxis and minibuses go from Talas to Manas Ordo daily. You can find them at Talas bus station.

What to Expect

Manas Ordo complex houses archaeological sites that reflect the events of the distant past. Rock paintings, stone statues and undoubtedly burial mounds occupy a special place among these monuments. Here you can also discover petroglyphs and other runic writing monuments.


The National complex Manas Ordo was built around Manas Gumbez (Mausoleum) back in Soviet times. It bears the spiritual heritage of the Kyrgyz people and a great historical and cultural value.

Manas Ordo present stone sculptures – balbals, rock carvings, Saka-Usun ancient burial, one of the13 stones with the runic script of the Yenisei Kyrgyz and the main attraction: the Manaz Gumbez or the Mausoleum of Manaz, a unique historical and architectual monument of the 14 century.

The Epic of Manas is a great spiritual heritage of the Kyrgyz, passed down orally for generations. And until now, this unique epic continues to amaze mankind so many centuries later. The world’s longest epic poem, it reflects various historical, ethnographic, cultural aspects of the life of Kyrgyz people.

Facilities Available

  • Mobile network
  • Guest houses and cafes can be found in the neighboring Tash-Aryk village
  • GPS 42.510061, 72.361135