Visit Guide to Khorog Bazaar

Khorog Bazaar is a little to the west of the city centre, on the south side of Lenin street. Tajiks from all over the region come to buy a wide variety of goods, from vegetables to hardware. The bazaar is in a large, roofed building with surrounding stalls in the streets under colourful umbrellas or tarpaulins.

Getting There

Khorog is a small but important city on the Pamir Highway. It is on the border with Afghanistan, with other attractions nearby including Pamir’s botanical garden. It was established in 1940 to test the survival rate of various plants in mountain climate conditions. The accessibility of the Pamir Highway is only possible in the summer months.

What to Expect

The bazaar is usually crowded, especially in the morning. It is a colourful spectacle, where there are plentiful vegetables, grains, baked goods, spices, dried fruits, nuts, hot food, clothing, woollen goods, shoes, meat, souvenirs, hats, and much more. The bazaar’s steel roof provides welcome shade in hot weather. The sights, sounds, aromas, people and goods are all worth getting to know in their own right.


Khorog Bazaar, along with many such markets in Tajikistan, feels timeless. The country’s bazaars operate in much the same way as they have for thousands of years all along the Silk Road.

Facilities Available

  • The bazaar is generally open from 8am to 5pm
  • Public toilets close by
  • Restaurants close by
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