Visit Guide to Khoton Lake

Located in one of Mongolia’s most dazzling pristine nature, Altai Tavan Bogd National park, Khoton lake consists of two connected lakes – Khoton and Khurgan. Khoton lake has one Island which is covered by woods. The system of Khoton and Khurgan lakes, connected by a wide channel, is the source of the Hovd river which drains the whole Mongolian Altai. The Lake Khoton was formed by glacial blockages. Khurgan Lake is the lowest point of Altai Tavan Bogd National park.

Getting There

Travel to Khoton Nuur and Khurgan Nuur is challenging and will require a 4X4 the journey time from Ulgii city will depend on the seasonal weather conditions and can take 10 hours. Once at the lakes you will need to register at the ranger station this is found where the two lakes meet.

Getting to Ulgii city: Ulgii has a small airport located around 20 mins from the city center. This airport is probably the most convenient way to travel to Ulgii.

What to Expect

With ancient historical remaining, it is home to several species of fish, – some that are only found in Western Mongolia, and the grayling and the lenok. The lakes themselves, as well as the mountain rivers which feed the lakes, offer excellent sport fishing in a rugged and virtually unpopulated, beautiful area.

Facilities Available

No facilities