Visit Guide to Khustain National Park

Khustain National Park is not only one of Mongolia’s most accessible national parks, but also offers one of its most remarkable conservation success stories. Home to the world’s last wild population of takhi (wild horses), Khustain is the only place on Earth to see a species that until recently was declared extinct.

Getting There

The park is 113km southwest of Ulaanbaatar, making this an easy place to reach from the capital by car or minivan.

What to Expect

Khustain National Park was set up in 1993 specifically to protect the takhi who were reintroduced into the wild here in 1992. Guided tours lead you among their habitat of grassy steppe and forested surrounds for up close encounters of this species brought back from the brink of extinction.

Also in the park are maral (Asiatic red deer), steppe gazelle, deer, boar, Pallas’s cats, wolves, lynx, marmot and some 223 species of birds. In addition to wildlife watching you can take a horse ride trek to visit nearby Turkic stone monuments.


After it was last sighted in the late 1960s, the takhi was officially declared extinct from Mongolia due to poaching, overgrazing by domestic animals, and human encroachment. However, with a few animals remaining in zoos around the world, a breeding programme was initiated to reintroduce them to the wilds of Mongolia. This led to the establishment of this 50,620-hectare reserve to protect the takhi, of which today there are around 350 or so here in the wild.

Facilities Available

There are several tourist ger camps at the park’s entrance, all which offer restaurants and wi-fi. The tourist information centre offers plenty of useful info on the park’s history and biodiversity.