Visit Guide to Mullo Bozor Shrine

The Mullo Bozor Okhund sanctuary is named after the teacher of the outstanding Uzbek poet Boborahim Mashrab, a famous philosopher and theologian of the 17th century Mullo Bozor Okhund, who is a descendant of the son of Hazrat Ali – Saint Muhammad al Hanafiy.

Getting There

The sanctuary in Namangan is located in the Kurashkhona quarter.

What to Expect

In 1990, when the wind of change blew, the Uzbek people began to restore their shrines. Underwent a complete restoration and the mausoleum of Mirzo Bozor Okhunda. But soon the construction was stopped – there was not enough money, but it continued in 1993 and ended in May of the following year, this time quite successfully.

The complex is divided into 3 parts – a mosque, the main premises – honako and the entrance to the sanctuary – darvozakhona. In the courtyard a house was dug and landscaped – a pond with a diameter of 10 meters and going down 8 thirty-centimeter steps.

The new sanctuary was built by famous master builders. Its base consists of reinforced concrete panels, and the walls are built of baked bricks in a beautiful figured design. People go to the sanctuary in the hope of finding here rest and confirmation of their thoughts, feelings, hopes. They believe that Saint Mullo Bozor Okhund, being now in heaven and looking at his grave and at them from above, will be kind as he was during his lifetime and will give them in the name of Allah Almighty what they ask for and what they dream about.


Saint Mullo Bozor Okhund from childhood was drawn to knowledge, was very well-read and shone with mental talents. His vocation led him to Bukhara, where he received serious knowledge in various sciences in the highest spiritual madrasah of Miri Arab.

Having received a blessing from his teacher Mirzo Bakhodir Bukhori, he travels to the countries of the Middle East. Then he returns to his native Namangan and becomes a serious scientist – researcher in theology, medicine, astronomy, geography, mathematics and literature.

His sermons and deeds are honored and respected among the people, pilgrims come to him during his lifetime for advice, help, healing from spiritual and physical ailments, for a prayer that only he will read.

His death shocks the entire Namangan people with great grief, his grave, and later the mausoleum becomes a holy place for worship and prayers with requests to Allah through the holy Mirzo Bozor Okhund, who became an angel of God .