Visit Guide to Valley of Legends Park

“Afsonalar vodiysi” (“Valley of Legends”) is a new theme park in Namangan region, which includes the largest 3-storey artisan center, a mosque for 15,000 people, a shopping center, a hotel, villas, modern attractions and fountains.

Getting There

There are a vide range of transports that local and foreign tourists can use to reach the destination. For example: public buses, taxis and train are available for tourists. The destination is close to the Namangan International Airport.

What to Expect

On the territory of the theme park there is the largest 3-storey craft center, a mosque with a capacity of up to 15,000 people, a shopping center, a modern hotel and villas. The complex is also decorated with modern waterfalls, musical fountains, canals and lakes surrounded by ornamental trees and benches.

For visitors, there is an indoor and outdoor water park on the territory of the park, where 10 service and 5 technical buildings, 16 swimming pools and 7 types of water attractions.


In Namangan, on the site of the former Mashrab Park, was built a large theme park with the beautiful name “Afsonalarvodiysi” (“Valley of Legends”). During a visit to Namangan region in 2018, President ShavkatMirziyoyevgot acquainted with the project of this park of culture and recreation, and suggested to call it “Afsonalarvodiysi”- Valley of Legends. The construction of the park was implemented by domestic entrepreneurs together with the Turkish project company “DOME+Partners”.

Facilities Available

For the convenience of visitors, the Afsonalarvodiysi complex has a parking lot for 1,300 cars, a two-story shopping center with 112 shops, a theme park and attractions with 16 types of modern attractions, virtual game rooms, as well as restaurants serving up to 1,000 visitors

A cozy amphitheater with 2,400 seats and a summer amphitheater will become the main venue for various entertainment events in the Namangan region.