Sairam-Ugam State National Natural Park


Visit Guide to Sairam-Ugam State National Natural Park

At Sairam-Ugam State National Natural Park, nestled in Kazakhstan’s southern mountains, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife observation amidst the park’s diverse fauna and flora. The park also holds significant historical value, featuring ancient petroglyphs that provide a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, visitors can experience the local traditions and customs that contribute to the park’s unique charm.

Getting There

Sairam-Ugam National Park is easily reached by car in a one-hour drive from Shymkent.

What to Expect

Exploring the park’s hiking trails is a popular activity, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery while discovering the region’s diverse flora and fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts will have the opportunity to spot various species, including deer, mountain goats, and a wide array of birdlife.

A highlight in the park are the ancient petroglyphs, rock carvings that depict ancient rituals, hunting scenes, and everyday life of the past.

For those seeking adventure, Sairam-Ugam offers opportunities for rock climbing, horseback riding, and camping in the park’s rugged terrain.

Village life is unavoidable in the park. Interacting with the local communities allows travellers to learn about their unique way of life, traditional crafts, and folklore.


The Sairam-Ugam State National Park was created by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the main goal to preserve in their natural form the typical and unique landscapes of the Western Tien Shan, to use unique natural complexes and objects of the state natural reserve for nature conservation, environmental education, and recreational value. The park covers a territory of over 149 thousand hectares, the total area of the buffer zone is 27 thousand hectares.

Facilities Available

Limited WC facilities are available