Visit Guide to Uureg Lake

Large and beautiful Uureg lake foreshore (1425m above sea level) is surrounded by stunning 3000m- plus peaks, including Tsagaan Shuvuut Uul (3496m), lies on the west side of the lake, part of the Uvs Nuur Strictly Protected Area in western Mongolia, northwest of the Great lake hollow, near the western edge of Uvs lake.

Getting There

Uureg Lake is a saline lake located in western Mongolia, north-west of the Great Lakes Hollow, near the western edge of the Uvs Nuur basin.

What to Expect

The surrounding mountains are inhabited by argali sheep, deer, leopard, ibex, boar, roe deer, wolf, fox, squirrel, corsac foxes, rabbits, marmots, lizard, and black tailed gazelles.

Many species of birds dwell here as well such as geese, ducks, pelts, bustards, cranes, cuckoo, eagle, woodpeckers, lark, owl, elms, gulls, and storks.

The lake is great for swimming and it is rich with fish. The freshwater lake has some unidentified minerals and is designated as saltwater. The length of the lake is 20 km (12m), width is 18km (11mi), surface area 239km2 (92sq mi), average depth is 26.9m (88ft).

North of the lake, a stunning snow-capped Mungun taiga mountain lies which belongs to Tuva, Russia. The view looks amazing in the afternoon light and early morning.