Borbalo Pass Omalo-Shuapkho Hiking


Visit Guide to Borbalo Pass Omalo-Shuapkho Hiking

This long westward route leads all the way up the Gomtsari Alazani valley to the Borbalo Pass (2990m), from where trails head west down to Shuapkho village in Pshavi, north down to Ardoti and Mutso in Khevsureti, and northwest to the Datvisjvari Pass (2676m).

Getting There

If you are traveling from Tbilisi, you will first need to get to Kvemo Alvani village – this can be done by marshrutka or a taxi. The marshrutka departs from Ortachala bus station in Tbilisi at and arrives at Alvani two hours later.

What to Expect

The crossing of Borbalo pass is the ideal pick for hikers who want to cross from Tusheti to Khevsureti and are looking for something more challenging and remote than the Atsunta trail. Trek follows the valley of Tushetis Alazani, then climbs onto the ridge and heads northwest, towards Datvisjvari pass.