Tusheti Protected Landscape


Visit Guide to Tusheti Protected Landscape

The Tusheti Protected Landscape in north-eastern Georgia is classified as a category V protected area by IUCN, which means it is a unique “area where the interaction of people and nature over time has produced an area of distinct character with significant ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value; and where safeguarding the integrity of this interaction is vital to protecting and sustaining the area and its associated nature conservation and other values.”

Getting There

The road to Tusheti is closed during the winter.

It’s recommended to hire a local driver, who’s familiar with the road.

It takes about 7 hours of driving from Tbilisi.

What to Expect

Visitors of Tusheti PAs can have different tourist experiences such as hotel services, hiring guides, horses. You can also rent equipment. Tusheti PAs have 11 functioning tourist routes, which allow the visitors to become a part of the unique historical-cultural and natural landscapes of Tusheti.