Visit Guide to Oreti Lake

Oreti Lake is situated in the protected area of Tusheti at 2650 meters above sea level, about 6 kilometers away from the village of Kumelaurta.

Getting There

Start your hike in Omalo or drive to Kumelaurta. In Omalo, you can get a horse to Oreti. It takes about 5 hours to reach the lake by horse and 3 hours to descend.

What to Expect

You can see the whole Tusheti from Lake Oreti. Two endemic species – Caucasian grouse and Caucasian ostrich – inhabit the area. These birds are usually active in the evening or the early morning. While traveling on the Oreti trail, tourists may notice roe deer, bear, rarely wolf, or lynx.


The lake is fed by small streams. The water flows from the base, and it is very cold and deep. The exact location of the exit is unknown. It freezes in winter. Thus it has no fish. The inhabitants of the village of Kumelaurta used to come here on the 3rd day of the day (Shafurtoba) and celebrate the Oretoba.

Facilities Available

There is a nearby coffee-shop