Borjomi Museum of Local Lore


Visit Guide to Borjomi Museum of Local Lore

Borjomi museum of local history is one of the oldest museums in Georgia. It was opened in 1926. The museum building was the former office of the Romanovs. It was built in 1890 by a German engineer named W. Schweier and is unique in its architecture.

Getting There

You can use public transport, rent a private car, or taxi.

What to Expect

Today, the museum houses 36,000 exhibits; several permanent exhibitions are operating: natural, archaeological, historical – ethnographic, and applied arts. Exhibitions represent the characteristic samples of the Borjomi Gorge flora and fauna and other valuable exhibits of different times, such as the stone tools of early men, bronze age monuments, different types of weapons, and agricultural tools decorations and many other items.

The visitors can see Unique samples of bronze weaponry and adornment (II-I Millennia BC), a large numismatic collection (V c BC –XX c AD), personal belongings of members of the House of Romanovs many more.


The museum is located at the building, initially designed as the chancellery of the Imperial House of Romanovs. Pseudo-gothic in style, the construction was built in 1890 by a German architect – V. Shveyer. Borjomi Local History Museum has four departments: archaeological, historical-ethnographical, applied art, and local landscape and nature departments.