Visit Guide to Mtsvane Monastery

Green Monastery (Chitakhevi St. George Monastery) is located in the middle of a forest near village Chitakhevi, just a few kilometers away from Borjomi.

Getting There

Mtsvane Monastery (Green Monastery) is located 11 kilometers from Borjomi in Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

What to Expect

The Monastery is popular with religious pilgrims. If you are passing through Borjomi and looking for an escape from urban life, the peaceful woods, gently flowing river, and fresh air of the Monastery will leave you speechless.


In the XVI century, during the invasion of Shah Tahmasp the Monastery was raided, and monks were tortured and killed.

 In the XX century, the church was rehabilitated, and in 2002 the Father’s Monastery was restored.