Budhist Stupa Mohenjo-Daro


Visit Guide to Budhist Stupa Mohenjo-Daro

Buddhist stupa is the highest and most prominent structure of Mohenjodaro, and is located atop the citadel mound. The stupa was built during the Kushan Empire, 1st to 4th centuries CE, while all of the other excavated ruins are from 2,600-1,900BCE.

Getting There

Mohenjodaro is located off the right (west) bank of the lower Indus river in Larkana District, Sindh, Pakistan.

The driving distance between Karachi to Buddhist Mohenjodaro 440 km. It takes approximately 6 hour 14 mints according to Google map.

What to Expect

Buddhist stupa is the highest and most prominent structure of Mohenjodaro, and is located atop the citadel mound. The mound is thought to have housed the elite of the early society and to have been a very sacred part of the ancient city.


Mahatma Buddha is only the last among 28 Buddhas of Bouddh Dharma dating back to early Indus valley civilization. Indus valley civilization is of Buddhist culture, it has stupas and Other Buddhist artifacts related to various Buddhas before Gautam Buddha. Even Major. Forbes in Journal of Asiatic Society, June 1836 edition, describes History of different Buddhas from Early Indus Valley civilization to Gautam Buddha. Vedic Religion was formed only after Buddha, that’s why Rig-Veda mentions Buddha and Stupa, it means Buddha and Stupa predates Rig-Veda.

The Buddhist stupa at Mohenjodaro is disputed, the stupa doesn’t look anything like a Buddhist stupa, it is a curved wall which has been declared a Buddhist stupa just because some buddha image and kushan coins were obtained at a later levels which have no relevance in dating the original structure.

The so called stupa is surrounded on all four sides by rooms which can be declared a monastery, but in Buddhist traditions the monasteries are not built around the stupa, and the alignment of the so called stupa also doesn’t match with the traditional Buddhist alignment, the bricks used in the structure are also from mature harappan period so it is declared that the Indus bricks were excavated in building the structure of so called Buddhist stupa, moreover, Indus artifacts have been discovered from the site indicating that the dating may go well before Buddhist era.

it is also well known that Buddhists revered the past buddhas, meaning there were buddhas before gautama himself and revered those sites, so it’s possible that the site was being revered by the Buddhists as a pre sidharta gautama Buddhist site.