Visit Guide to Changla Gali Resort

Changala Gali is one of the tourist mountain resort towns of the Galyat area of Pakistan. It has an elevation of 2804m. During British rule it was the headquarters of command school of musketry Mukeshpuri and Miranjani Mountains are popular in the region of Changala Gali along with the river of Indus beside the region.

Getting There

First of all you many want to know the distances from Islamabad to Changala Gali. Now that you are seen the map of your tour. Since the map only shows you the route of your tour and doesn’t actually tell you how to get to your destination.

You may want to see driving directions from Islamabad to Changala Gali calculate the fuel cost from Islamabad to Changala Gali. The paths are lined through Baraia to Changala Gali and the other are is Haripure/Abbottabad to Changala Gali these two path are approachable for Changala Gali.

What to Expect

A pine tree resort is the heart of Changala Gali this is a totally hilly areas covered with tress. Pine trees covering lofty hills are a treat for sore-eyes. The water from the natural springs is collected in reserving and supplied in Murree and joining areas.


Changala Gali is a hill station. It is located in the sheer Gharbi district 16 km from murree. It is lies in the Galyat region which forms a link between/KP province of Pakistan. The vegetation of Changala Gali is similar to other hill station.

Most of the Muslim community are living there. Most of the people are belong form hilly areas. The major tribe of Changala Gali are the Abbassi. Chaudhary and Awan. They have a bond relationships with each other. They are very simple people.

Facilities Available

The local economy of Changala Gali is depend on the chairlift of Ayubia on the other side in the three months of May to August the local people organized their business through Tea Dabha, Coffee etc. local people market their personal Dry-fruits and Vegetables.