Visit Guide to Gegentala Grassland

Gegentala Grassland is a prairie that covers an expansive area of rolling hills, meadows and grazing lands. Visiting here offers a glimpse of the Mongolian landscape and nomadic way of life. Traditionally used by nomadic peoples for grazing livestock, the grassland has been an integral part of the region’s pastoral economy for centuries.

Getting There

To reach Gegentala Grassland, you can travel to Alxa Right Banner by air or train. From there, local transportation, such as taxis or buses, is available to take you to the grassland. It is essential to make arrangements in advance or join a guided tour to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.

What to Expect

Visitors often try out horse riding across the plains, Mongolian archery and hiking. Gegentala Grassland has traditional Mongolian yurts, known as ‘ger’, for overnight stays. These are quite spacious and furnished with beds, basic amenities and heating systems.

The cuisine typically involves traditional dishes such as roasted whole lamb, dairy products and homemade dumplings. Dining experiences may include communal feasts accompanied by cultural performances, like throat singing and wrestling.