Visit Guide to Russian Minority Folk Museum

The town of Enhe is known for its Russian minority community and the unique architecture of the Sibe people. The Russian Folk Museum showcases the community’s cultural heritage, traditions and ways of life through exhibits of artefacts, traditional clothing, handicrafts, musical instruments and household items. The unique Russian cultural influences can be felt throughout the village, particularly its distinctive wooden houses and Russian cuisine.

Getting There

To visit the Russian Folk Museum, travel to Hulunbuir, from where local transportation, such as taxis and buses, are available to Enhe village.


The Sibe people are an ethnic group of Russian descent who migrated to the region in the 17th century. Their history can be traced back to the ‘Old Believers’, a group of Russian Orthodox Christians who resisted religious reforms that were introduced by the Russian Orthodox Church at the time.

The Sibe people originally came from the Siberian region of Russia, particularly from the areas around Lake Baikal. Due to religious persecution and political unrest in Russia, a significant number of ‘Old Believers’ sought refuge and settled in the remote areas of Inner Mongolia. The Qing dynasty, which ruled China at that time, welcomed the ‘Old Believers’ as a buffer community on the northern borders.