Hazret Sultan Mosque


Visit Guide to Hazret Sultan Mosque

One of Central Asia’s largest mosques, Hazret Sultan, was built recently, but it has already become one of the main religious and spiritual attractions of the city. The name of the mosque is translated as “Holy Sultan” – one of the epithets of Sufi sheikh Khoja Ahmed Yasavi, author of “Divan-i Hikmet”, whose mausoleum is located in Turkistan.

Getting There

The mosque can be easily reached either by public transport or by private cars (there is a free parking space near the attraction).

What to Expect

Hazret Sultan mosque was built in the traditional Islamic style. Its architecture is distinguished by lightness and airiness, combined with elegance, which makes the building look like a fabulous oriental palace, descended from the pages of books.

Seeming from afar, snow-white and seemingly dissolving in the sky, the mosque opens on approaching with new colors – Kazakh ornaments and Arabic script appear in the walls, made in incredibly delicate tones. The plasticity of the form is achieved through the use of numerous arched openings, pilasters, and decorative belts in the architecture. The area of this colossal structure is 11 hectares, and the total area of all premises reaches almost 18 thousand square meters. In addition to the main prayer hall under the central dome, there are several smaller halls.

The mosque houses a room for weddings, an ablution room, a special room for reading the Quran, classrooms and a wardrobe. The maximum capacity of the mosque is 10 thousand people.

The main dome of the Hazret Sultan mosque, reaching a diameter of 28.1 m and rising to 51 m, is the largest in Kazakhstan. Around it there are 8 domes with a diameter of 10.45 and 7.6 m and a height of 33.46 and 25.25 m. At the corners of the building there are four 77-meter carved minarets.


Construction of the mosque “Hazret Sultan” started in June 2009. In different periods from 1000 to 1500 workers have been involved in the construction of the mosque. Hazret Sultan Mosque was opened on 2012.

Facilities Available

  • Souvenir shop
  • Halal cafe
  • Toilet