House of Ministries


Visit Guide to House of Ministries

The House of Ministries complex is located in the new administrative center of Astana, on the left bank of the Ishim River, opposite the President residence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The House of Ministries bending around the square from north to south like an amphitheater, descends in different heights and cascades to the Akorda square. In the middle of each half-arc, the main streets are cut, forming through arched passages in the building’s body.

Getting There

One can easily get to the site either by public transport or by private car and taxi.

What to Expect

The complex consists of two symmetrical mirrored half-arches, separated by Water-Green Boulevard.

 A giant arc, 1.5 km long, was drawn in the Astana master plan by the architect Nurmakhan Tokayev. In the center of the arc runs the government axis, 140 m wide, which is flanked on both sides by cylindrical, tapering upwards absolutely smooth golden towers 120 m high.

The cone-shaped golden high-rise towers of the administrative buildings form a symbolic gate with the Akorda government building in the center of it.

The total area of the House of Ministries is 228 thousand m2.

The building, which is about 1.5 km long, consists of 20 blocks and has a stepped shape. It houses 27 ministries of Kazakhstan and departments and auxiliaries.