Visit Guide to Shabyt Palace of Creativity

Located in the heart of Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, the Shabyt Palace of Creativity is a cultural hub that caters to young artists and creative individuals, offering music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. With its focus on nurturing talent and fostering artistic expression, the Shabyt Palace provides a unique recreational space for travellers to engage with Kazakhstani arts and witness the vibrant creativity of the younger generation.

Getting There

Located in the heart of Astana, the Palace can be easily reached on foot or on public transport.

What to Expect

The palace regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, performances, and workshops, providing an immersive cultural experience. Visitors can expect to witness the incredible talents of young performers and artists through various forms of artistic expression, including music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.

Travellers can attend live music concerts featuring talented local musicians or enjoy captivating dance performances showcasing traditional and contemporary styles. Theatre enthusiasts can indulge in thought-provoking plays and performances that reflect the Kazakhstani cultural landscape.

The palace also houses galleries and exhibition spaces where visitors can admire and engage with visual arts, including paintings, sculptures, and installations created by emerging artists. These exhibitions often highlight the diverse and evolving artistic scene of Kazakhstan.

For those looking to explore their own creative side, Shabyt Palace offers workshops and classes in various artistic disciplines. Travellers can participate in music lessons, dance workshops, or art sessions conducted by experienced instructors, providing a unique opportunity to learn and create alongside talented local artists.

Facilities Available

WC facilities are available