Visit Guide to Hyderabad Pakka Qila

Pakka Qila Hyderabad fort has unique in shape as compare among others forts, there rectangle shape, long tall walls with red bricks make this fort unique then others. The area of the fort spread around 30 acres of land. Moreover, when look at the Hyderabad city culture, it has its own style of living in Sindhi way, Most of people are Sindhi, they spoken Sindhi and Urdu languages, which is also very unique and popular languages.

Getting There

Thebest way to get form Karachi to Hyderabad Pakka Qila by car. The driving distance between Karachi to Hyderabad Pakka Qila is 165 km.

It takes approximately 2 hour 39 mint according to Google map.

What to Expect

Pakka Qila Hyderabad is an old and historical fort,

What has become known the Pakka Qila massacre: 31 women’s and children were killed leading to retaliations in Karachi and elsewhere and over 300 more deaths. In May 1990 the muhajirs protested and they emerged from Hyderabad fort, fronted by women and children holding the holy Quran over their heads.


This fort was constructed in the year of 1768.

During Talpur rule over Sindh, Mir Fateh Ali Khan abandoned Khudabad and shifted his capital to Hyderabad in 1789. He also used the Hyderabad fort to reside and hold his court in it. He added a Haram and other buildings to accommodate the ruling family and his relations. To enable residents to fulfill their religious obligation, he also commissioned the building of Mosques. During this period of the Mirs’ the fort was gradually swarmed with the shabby and odd buildings of the working class for their habitation. After defeating the Mirs’ in the battle of Miani in 1843the British occupied the fort. Blasts in the fort, later on, destroyed most of the buildings and houses of the public in 1857, the British razed most of the remaining buildings to ground to making room to accommodate troops and military stores.

It’s still in good condition, one of the greatest monuments of sindhi heritage.