Visit Guide to Isfandiyar Palace

Nurillaboy Palace is a summer palace complex of the Khiva khans, built during the reign of Asfandiyar Khan, who ruled the Khiva Khanate from 1910 to 1918. It is a monument of history and culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Getting There

All types of transport are available to get to Khiva, Ichan-Kala. The International Airport is located in Urgench. From Urgench to Khiva 30 km. There are buses, trolleybus, minibuses and taxis.

with the Train you can get directly to Khiva, as there is a railway station in Khiva.

What to Expect

Located in the outer city of Khiva, Dishan-kale, with its splendor, attractiveness, beauty and charm differs from other palaces built by the khans in different periods. During the reign of Muhammad Rakhimkhan, the old city (now Ichan-Kala) became cramped due to the large scale of housing construction and there was no opportunity to build large palaces with gardens. In this regard, Muhammad Rakhimkhan for his sons Mahmud-tyurya and Muhammad-tyurya built country palaces “hauli” (from pakhsov blocks) to the west of the city walls (Ichan-kala).


Several remarkable monuments have survived in Dishan-Kala or the Outer Fortress of Khiva. And one of them is the Nurullabay Palace, founded in 1906 by Muhammad-Rahimbay II. Its construction was completed in 1912. The palace complex includes several courtyards and gardens, a courtroom, ceremonial and living quarters.

By tradition, the palace is surrounded by a powerful fortress wall with a length of more than 650 meters, with many semicircular guldasta towers. The palace complex includes several courtyards and gardens, arzkhan – the hall where the khan ruled the court, ceremonial and living quarters and a reception hall. The building of the madrasah adjoins the palace. The main building is surrounded by two-storey rooms with double-height aivans.