Visit Guide to Tosh-Hovli Palace

The palace is located in the eastern part of Khiva and was built by Allakuli Khan. The construction of the palace took about 8 years, from 1830 to 1838. The first was the residential quarter of the harem, then the mekhmonkhona – a place for official receptions, and the last – the arzkhona, the courtroom.

Getting There

All types of transport are available to get to Khiva, Ichan-Kala. The International Airport is located in Urgench. From Urgench to Khiva 30 km. There are buses, trolleybus, minibuses and taxis.

with the Train you can get directly to Khiva, as there is a railway station in Khiva.

What to Expect

In the southern part of the courtyard of the harem, small aivans were built, four of which were intended for the khan’s wives (according to Sharia, a man could have no more than four wives), the fifth, richly decorated, served as a living room for the khan. Each aivan has a living quarters for servants.

The harem is furnished in accordance with the Khorezm tradition of decorating the female half (itchan hauli). Some details of the defensive fortress are present in the design of the palace, which corresponds to the secluded lifestyle of the inhabitants of the harem.

After the harem, a mekhmonkhona (ishrat hauli) was built. A square courtyard with a round elevation for a yurt is completely built up with rooms and aivans. The southern iwan served for ceremonies and receptions of messengers. Aivans mehmonkhons, decorated with majolica with a light painted ceiling and small towers on the sides, are similar in interior to a theater and are full of solemnity.

Arzkhona (courtroom) is located in the southwestern part of Tash-Khauli. It is twice the size of the mehmonkhona. Like mehmonkhona, arzkhona is decorated with majolica. The work was done by the famous master Abdullah, nicknamed the Genius. This master decorated all the courtyards of Tash-Khauli.


Tash-Khauli (1830-1838) is an example of the greatness and power of the Khorezm style of building buildings of those times. The Tash Khauli Palace was built by order of Allakuli Khan. At the time of the construction of the palace, Khorezm had good economic relations with neighboring states, and the country’s budget was in excellent condition. Therefore, the khan did not spare money for the rich decoration of his palace.

The Tash-Khauli palace was under construction for 8 years, and, of course, the khan was unhappy with this: he wanted to build such a difficult structure in 2 years. For this reason, many heads of master builders flew. The construction of the palace began with the construction of a harem and khan’s chambers, and then they were already built on the eastern side of the mekhmonkhona (a structure for receiving delegations and guests), and on the western side – arzonkhona (a courtroom).

Munis wrote that the best architects of that time were impaled because they refused to build a palace in two years. It took Usto Kalandar Khivagi 8 years.

The building of the mausoleum is adjacent to the eastern walls of the Matniyaz Divan-begi Madrasah. The tomb with a dome and a unique majolica tombstone dates from the first half of the 14th century, and a ziarathona was added in the 17th century. The architecture of these structures is diverse. By order of Allakuli Khan in 1825, the monument was overhauled.