Khiva Kalta Minor Minaret


Visit Guide to Khiva Kalta Minor Minaret

The Kaltaminor Minaret has become a real symbol of the city. Its size is striking, and it’s hard to take your eyes off the unique design. The foundation of the minaret goes to a depth of 15 meters, the diameter at the base is 14.5 meters, and the height is 29 meters. But this massive tower only rises to a third of its design height.

Getting There

Located in the center of Ichan-Kala, All types of transport are available to get to Khiva, Ichan-Kala. The International Airport is located in Urgench. From Urgench to Khiva 30 km. There are buses, trolleybus, minibuses and taxis.

What to Expect

The legends associated with this building are no less interesting. When the construction of the majestic madrasah was going on next to the future minaret, the people began to murmur, and an uprising was planned. But Muhammad Amin Khan ordered to catch the leader of the striking Matyakuba and bury him alive in the foundation of the tower.

Another no less curious legend is the story that the Bukhara ruler learned about the construction of such a majestic minaret, and suggested that the architect build an even higher minaret. Muhammad Amin Khan found out about this contract and decided to kill the corrupt architect. But the builder himself learned about the impending revenge, and fled, leaving the tower unfinished. And besides him, no one could complete the construction.

However, these are all legends, and the construction of the minaret stopped after the death of the khan. Kalta minor after a century and a half still amazes with its size, but not only by them. Its unique decoration amazes the imagination: the minaret is completely covered with glazed tiles and majolica, which, as in 1855, are still as bright and lively. There are no more such towers in the world.


In 1855, when the ruler of Khiva, Muhammad Amin Khan, was killed, the construction of the majestic minaret stopped, although it was supposed to grow up to 70 meters, and according to some estimates, up to 110 meters. According to the architect’s plan, the wide base increased the strength, and the intended top narrowed strongly without causing stress. However, the architect’s plans were not destined to come true – the tower remained unfinished, and now looks like a huge glazed barrel, and has the name “Kalta”, which translates as “short”.