Karachi Zainab Market


Visit Guide to Karachi Zainab Market

Karachi Zainab Market was set up in the mid ‘70s, and even with its modest outward appearance, it has garnered a reputation that few bazaars, if any, can match in the country. People flock to it from all over Karachi (and beyond). The market is located in Saddar, one of the busiest areas of Karachi. So if you plan on driving there, prepare to have your driving skills tested like never before.

Getting There

Zainab Market is located in Saddar Karachi, Sindh. It is 7 KM away from Defence Housing Authority Karachi. We can easily go this market from any place in Karachi by car.

What to Expect

Zainab Market and Shopping Centre Karachi is the best place of shopping for all age group. All kind of size and quality of Jeans, Western Clothing Brands, T-Shirts, Trousers, Ladies Scarf, Sportswear’s, Leather Jackets, Artificial Jewelry Items, Undergarments for Men and Woman, Carpets, Kitchen Accessories, Garments, Machines, Cosmetics, huge variety of Shoes, all colors of Socks, plenty of accessories available in this famous and huge market. Hence, when visitors come at once in Zainab Market, can get all their needy items easily and fastly with in a high quality, and in a very reasonable price.

Facilities Available

It is indoor market based on three floors and the price are negotiable on every shops.