Visit Guide to Khyber Bazaar Peshawar

Khyber bazar is located in the center of Peshawar city,KP Province of Pakistan.It is one of the oldest bazar of Peshawar city which dates from Buddist,Mughal,and sikh time. This baazar is famous for the electronic and traditional food.

Getting There

Khyber Bazar is situated at the crossroads of the important routes and bazaars of the ancient city. Tourists can go there using local transport or taking a taxi or personal car or bike. From General Bus Stand (Haji Camp Adda) to Khyber Bazar, it takes time to reach about 4.4  km or 20 min to reach the entrance of Khyber Bazar.

By roads: Peshawar is connected to different provinces and cities of Pakistan by a large network of roads. So travelers can easily reach Peshawar by Bus, Car, Coaches, and Daewoo  from different parts of the country . The most direct and recommended route is the M1 Motorway (155 kilometers, two hours). Another is the old Grand Trunk Road route via Attock and Nowshera (167 kilometers, three hours).

By Train: You can also use the train from other parts of the cities to reach Peshawar by train.

By Air: Bacha Khan International Airport located in the center of Peshawar city operates all kind of national and international flights.

What to Expect

Khyber Bazar consist on one main street.Here tourist can find many of Peshawar cheaper hotels, food stall selling excellent kebabs and fry-ups.Tourist can enjoy yummy foods. They can also take famous Peshawar Qehwa.Moreover, tourist can also buy all kinds of electronic items at whole sale price.


This bazar has got historical significance located in the old city of Peshawar.

Facilities Available

As it is situated in the main city of Peshawar so many facilities are available for the tourists:

  • For an audio guide, you can ask about its history and other information from any of the locals there.
  • Several big and small restaurants and hotels are situated in this bazar where every kind of daily use items can be purchased easily.
  • All the mobile networks and other internet facilities are easily available.
  • All type of transport is easily available in this area.
  • People of the area are Multi-lingual so it’s easy for the tourist to communicate in any language including; Urdu, Pushto, English, Punjabi, and Persian.
  • Lady Reading hospital is on walking distance from the Khyber bazar.