Visit Guide to Kirthar National Park

Kirthar National park was established in 1974 and encompasses an area of over 3,087 square kilometers (1,192 sq mi) – making it the third largest national park in Pakistan by size after the Central Karakoram National Park and Hingol National Park.

Getting There

The Kirthar National Park is situated in the Kirthar Mountains in Jamshoro District in Sindh, Pakistan. 92 km away from Karachi via Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway.

What to Expect

Kirthar is an area of outstanding beauty and cultural heritage which provides important habitat for a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles characteristic of the arid subtropics.

There are now over 5,000 wild goat, about 1,250 urials and less than 150 chinkara in the park, and the further 400 wild goat and 70 urial in the game reserve. And its comprises Persian leopards, striped hyenas, Indian wolves, ratels, urials, chinkara gazelles and rare Sind wild goats. Blacknuck antelopes are kept in enclosures for a reintroduction project at Kirthar National Park.


It is the first National Park from Pakistan to be included in the 1975 United Nation’s list of National Parks around the world. Approximately one third of the park lies in the north of Karachi district and two thirds in the south-west of Dadu district.

Facilities Available

There are two tourists centers in the park managed by Sindh Wildlife Management Board,namely “KHAR” and “KARCHAT”. The centres offer cottage and dormitory accommodation and guides are available. There are some 671 km of unmettaled roads within the park, most of which are negotiable only four-wheel drive vehicle.