Kutaisi Bagrati Church


Visit Guide to Kutaisi Bagrati Church

Bagrati Cathedral is located in Kutaisi, Imereti region. It was built in 1003, during the reign of Bagrat III. Bagrati Temple is a truly important monument of Georgian culture, both architectural and symbolic significance.

Getting There

In order to get to Bagrati temple, you need to get to Kutaisi.

There are different ways of transportation in the direction of Kutaisi: You can get there by bus, microbus, train, or plane from Tbilisi and Ambrolauri. Feel free to take a minibus at Didube or Tbilisi central bus stations.

What to Expect

The Bagrati Temple is a triconch-type cross-domed structure with ample interior space. The walls and floors of the cathedral are decorated with mosaics. In the south gate, there are traces of a fresco – the image of the Virgin. The temple was surrounded by a stone wall, inside which auxiliary buildings and a stone bell tower were built.


According to “Matiane Kartlisai” Bagrat III gathered representatives of different parts of Georgia and invited guests from around the world for the celebration of the blessing of Bagrat III temple. The inscription near the north window of the building gives us  the exact date of construction of the church – The church was built in 1003 A.C.