Visit Guide to Ouchgouli Lamaria Church

Lamaria of Ushguli is a church of the Mother of God, located on an elevated hill in Svaneti, Mestia Municipality, north of the village Zhibiani.

Getting There

It takes about 8 hours to drive to Svaneti from Tbilisi. (Local driver is recommended.)

You can fly from Natakhtari to Mestia as well. (Natakhtari is 1 hour drive from Tbilisi, capital.)

What to Expect

The church has a fence around it with a fortified tower. It is a basilica-type building of the IX-X centuries, with a three-sided, projecting apse. The church has an entrance from the west and the chapel- from the south-west. The iconostasis is made of stone, the chambers of which rest on the stone pillars starting from the floor and are decorated with plain pillars. Ushguli Laminaria is one of the most essential and highly cultural-historical monuments of Svaneti.


Local residents believe that Queen Tamar, a central figure in Svans history, was buried under the church. They considered her a Christian benefactor who built all their temples and gave generous gifts to churches.

Facilities Available

  • Working hours: every day 09:00-18:00
  • Admission: limited during the liturgy
  • Entrance: free of charge
  • Dress code: required