Visit Guide to Tetnuldi Ski Resort

Tetnuldi ski resort is situated on the slopes of Svaneti Caucasus mountain range, in the municipality of Mestia, Zemo Svaneti. It’s one of the largest ski resorts in Georgia, famous for unthouched powder slopes. Tetnuldi is 15 Km away from Mestia, and the average transportation time is 1 hour.

Getting There

To reach Tetnuldi resort, first you need to get to Mestia, which 475 km away from Tbilisi, and this distance takes about 8 hours. It’s possible to go to Tetnuldi by private car or taxi (local driver is reccomended.)

You can also book the flights in the direction of Mestia-Natakhtari-Mestia or Mestia-Kutaisi-Mestia.

What to Expect

The winter season lasts from December to April and the best time for skiing is in January or February. Tetnuldi differs the rest of the ski resorts with its longest winter season in Georgia. Tetnuldi offers various different kinds of activities to travelers: skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, paragliding, horse riding, heli-skiing, and ski touring.


Tetnuldi ski resort is located in the remote Svaneti region amongst the highest peaks of the Caucasus mountains. The nearest major city & airport are at Kutaisi, 6 hours away from the ski area.