Visit Guide to Ouchgouli Villages

Ushguli is a village community in the Georgian region of Svaneti, best known for its defense stone towers. The village lies in the mountains of the Great Caucasus and is listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ushguli is second the highest permanently inhabited villages in Europe, At an altitude of 2,086 to 2,200 meters;

Main image: Florian Pinel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped image)

Getting There

It takes about 8 hours to drive to Svaneti from Tbilisi. (Local driver is recommended.)

You can fly from Natakhtari to Mestia as well. (Natakhtari is 1 hour drive from Tbilisi, capital.)

What to Expect

Centuries old sites, unique traditions, breathtaking towers,  immersed in a captivating nature.


Ushguli has been cut off from the rest of Svaneti due to its natural location. Even going to the nearest community, Kala – 7 kilometers away, is quite a challenge. There is a legend about the Structure of Devi (In Georgian mythology, Devi is many-headed ogres) – a rock, which, according to the legend, closed the Enguri valley and flooded the village.

Facilities Available

Locals are extremely welcoming and hospitable. International, certified mountain guides are available (IFMGA)