Visit Guide to Palas Valley

Palas Valley is located in tehsil Palas of district Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and on the left bank of river Indus of Pakistan. It is famous for beautiful forests, wildlife, and lush green mountains despite its natural beauty. It is bounded on the north and north-east by Jalkot valley, on the east by Kaghan.

Getting There

The Scenic Valley of Palas is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. It is about 324 km from Peshawar and 311 km from Islamabad via Swat Motorway.

By Air: The nearest airport that can be used for air travel Palas Valley is Saidu Sharif Airport 

By Train: If you want to go to Palas Valley by train from any part of the country, there is no train available to go to Palas Valley So you can get off at Nowshehra Railway station or Peshawar station and go Palas Valley by car, bus and Jeep

By Road: Through a car, bus and Jeep you can reach Palas Valley from Islamabad in Five and a half hours. The distance of Palas Valley from Peshawar is 311 and from Islamabad is 311 km.

What to Expect

Palas Valley is located in Indus Kohistan in northern Pakistan. The area was discovered in the late 1980s to have extensive tracts of pristine forest. The forests contain one of the largest populations of western tragopan in the world, with an estimate of at least 300 pairs.

The western tragopan is listed as vulnerable, making Palas Valley extremely important for this species, as well as for other Himalayan pheasants and mammals. There are 230 bird species in this tehsil. Mammals include carnivores such as the Persian leopard, Himalayan black bear, and Red fox are found here.

Ungulates such as the Himalayan goral, Himalayan musk deer, and Wild boar are found here.

Facilities Available

  • Local guides are available
  • People of Palas Valley are very hospitable
  • Hotels and Guest House are also available in Palas Valley.
  • Palas Valley can be easily accessible thought local transport and can book a car on rent.
  • You can enjoy the hills, greenery, and peace from your hotel and resorts
  • Tourism Department helps the Tourist/ Visitors through providing broachers in both Urdu and English languages. The local Police and the local Guides can speak multi languages (i.e local languages, Urdu, English and some of them can speak Chinese also).
  • There is a bus stand in Palas Valley for public transportation.
  • Filling stations are available near to Palas Valley which includes Petrol and Diesel.
  • Taxis are available in Palas Valley daily rent basis.
  • Shops are available in Palas Valley.