Paradise Point Beach


Visit Guide to Paradise Point Beach

Paradise point was a natural arch at the end of Hawk’s bay beach of Karachi. It was broken due to rain and saline water in the early 2000. The beach is still a beautiful beach with cliffs and clear water however being in the vicinity of the Military installation it is now closed for public.

Main image: Najamuddin Shahwani, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting There

Paradise Point Beach is accessible through Mauripur Road (formerly Hawkes Bay Road) or the Mubarak Goth Road from Karachi. Nathiagali Beach is located west of Paradise Point Beach.

What to Expect

Great view, small rock cliffs and clean water are the major key features that attracts explorers to visit this beautiful place but one thing has to be kept in mind that cliffs has deadly edges where people should be careful.


The shore is covered with fine golden sand with stones. The entrance to the water is flat, and the bottom is sandy and stony. It is better to swim in special shoes. The sea is mostly calm. High waves appear in May. One of the characteristic features of Paradise Point are large rock formations in the form of arches, located in the water near the shore and greatly complicate swimming.

There are no sunbeds and umbrellas on Parades Point. Necessary beach equipment should be taken. There are attractions for children and adults, camel and horse riding, also there are restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Sports grounds are equipped. Guests can do diving, snorkeling or go out with the fishermen into the sea.

Paradise Point is one of Karachi’s most popular beaches. There are a lot of visitors, especially youth. It’s relatively calm in the mornings and evenings, before sunset. Relax with children comfortably, special vigilance is needed during swimming. The Arabian Sea, in which the water temperature never drops below + 22 °C, and in certain seasons reaches + 30 °C washes the coast of Pakistan. The best time for a beach holiday in the resorts of Karachi is the period from October to May inclusive. From June to September, the rainy season with heavy showers, winds and high waves dominates the coast.